What is Coaching

Coaching helps provide clarity in both your personal and your professional life with each meeting purposefully designed to help you achieve goals at home and in the workplace. Coaching improves focus to identify and overcome challenges that might otherwise present limiting obstacles. With Susan as your coach, you will take action from the very first session.

Using time-tested coaching tools such as values and perspectives work, you will find out what motivates and drives you. You’ll discover what makes you tick! Together with Susan you will set a plan in motion that will keep you on track and accountable to a program that boasts a 95% success rate. Through a process of powerful questions and listening, you will both define and discover your vision for success. Coaching helps you live a more satisfying, fulfilling, deeper and richer life. Now is the time to take your life to the next level and bid farewell to self-imposed limits.

Coaching is not consulting – coaches do not tell you what to do. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching gives focus on moving you forward and not analyzing. Coaching is an equal relationship between coach and client with the focus centering on the client’s agenda.

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Life Coaching

Are you satisfied with your life’s direction? Are you where you want to be?
Do you have a plan for getting there? Live the life you want to live and enjoy the process and the journey! Susan Samakow Coaching will provide you with a customized, individualized plan.


Executive & Business Coaching

Executive & Business Coaching can help you achieve the results and goals you set and more! Improve your overall business and management skills or focus on sales or leadership. Rejuvenate your professional life with a personalized plan developed just for you and your business.


Management & Leadership Coaching

Stretch beyond any self-imposed limits and unleash your unlimited growth potential. Review your management skills inventory from strategic planning to project completion. As a leader, evaluate methods for establishing direction and promoting stability and order.


Health & Wellness Coaching:

Supporting and helping to develop a clients' overall strengths and abilities.
Giving you the motivation and tools needed to achieve your physical and emotional health goals such as:

Reducing Stress
Eating healthier
Losing a few pounds
Quitting smoking

Guiding you to make better choices to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Mediation has become a widely accepted and welcomed alternative for dispute resolution. As a skilled mediator, Susan Samakow offers the knowledge, skills, ability and confidence required to resolve personal and professional disputes and avoid costly litigation.

Susan Samakow, PCC, CPCC.

PCC is Professional Certified Coach and is the certification offered by the International Coach Federation, a 15,000 member organization formed in 1995 to set and maintain professional standards for the coaching profession. www.coachfederation.org

CPCC is Co-Active Professional Certified Coach and is the certification offered by The Coaches Training Institute, (CTI). Wherever you are in the world, you can be assured of the exemplary and consistent standard of CTI trained coaches. www.thecoaches.com

Susan also received certification as a Mediator from the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution. As a Mediator, Ms. Samakow becomes a neutral third party to offer impartial views to both sides. www.natlctr4adr.org



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Life and Career Transitions

Life’s path leads in many directions leading to change and growth. Coaching facilitates these transitions at home or at work by creating a partnership with Susan for exploration and discovery. Step forward to your new reality with an action plan designed to ease the process of change and point the way to success. learn more.


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