Every good Coach knows the importance of a working set of effective tools and Susan maintains an up-to-date inventory of valuable resources. A significant part of her co-active role in the Coaching process, is making sure her clients have access to and benefit from the continuous research and innovation that is available to those that consciously seek to enrich their lives.  The Tools section of the website provides a sampling of Assessments and Worksheets, as well as Books and Articles. As a thank you for visiting Susan’s site, you’ll find several opportunities in the Tools section to connect personally with Susan and get a first hand view of how Coaching will work for you!


Self Talk and Tools

As noted throughout the site, understanding and making use of our Self Talk is fundamental to Susan’s coaching process. The effective use of, what we have labeled, Tools suggested on the web site is also enhanced by remaining aware of our Self Talk. As we commit to learning more about ourselves the information we gather through assessments like personality tests, writing and reading can be of immense value in fine tuning the picture we have of who we are and where we are going. Most important, when using any self-help or personal growth resource take the time to reflect on your internal dialog.  What are you saying to yourself about what you have learned?

One very good reason to work with a Coach is to have the advantage of collaborating with a professional as you learn more about yourself.  Sometimes, as we have new awareness and insights, we tend to see what we do not have instead of celebrating the abundance that naturally flows to us when we remain positive and grateful. We encourage you to sample the Tools suggested here including the complimentary consultations with Susan Samakow. Susan will work with you to ensure your Self Talk remains a supportive influence so that you are making the most of resources you find most helpful.


Understanding your personality type will help you manage change successfully and achieve your desired goals. In coaching, Assessments are instruments, from simple to more complex, that provides a snapshot of a person or personality; something tangible for us to view and consider. For her online visitors, Susan offers two quick and easy assessments as well as the opportunity to review the results with her personally. Give them a try!


Writing is one of the most effective self help tools that is instantly available to all of us. While taking time to quietly reflect on things like our intentions and goals is beneficial, writing requires a commitment to active reflection and an organization of thought known to produce more effective results. Complete one or more of the Worksheets and Susan will review your work for you at no charge.


We all have access to the wisdom of the ages in the form of books. As a Business and Life Coach, Susan has maintained a library of the literature she has found most helpful and lists them here (or below or wherever they end up). Take a few moments and enjoy browsing through her recommendations and, if you have questions about selections that will be most applicable to your needs, send Susan a brief note and she will respond with a personalized reading list for you.


Similar to Books, there is a continuing flow of helpful information in the form of articles written by Susan and others. For site visitors, Susan features articles that she has found both timely and useful to her clients. You will also find similar suggestions on both her Blog and her Newsletter. You can subscribe to both the Blog and Newsletter and both will arrive, without charge, in your email.



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