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Are you or your team looking for a shift? Are you stuck or perhaps in transition? If so, my life's purpose is supporting others, like you, shift to a positive mindset and build immense clarity because it can truly change your life. I've seen it happen and I want it to happen for you. I'm a certified life and business coach and I strive to make a difference each day in the lives of my clients. If you are seeking expert support, insight and direction with anything from career and life transitions such as empty nest, retirement, divorce, separation, and financial concerns to creative mindset culture shifts at work... Let's arrange a complimentary mini-session! Simply go to my contact page and drop me a note.

Self-Talk is the talk we say to ourselves and is made up of messages that shape our reality. Self-Talk is our internal dialogue, both positive and negative, that affects our lives and shapes our personal and professional decisions. The messages of SelfTalk are an integral part of who we are … at our very core.

It is important to maintain conscious awareness of our Self-Talk to remain on a positive track. Contact Susan to learn about my step-by-step process that will guide you in transforming negative messages and sustaining the positive flow of your Self-Talk.

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It's not just about setting goals and laying out a plan to achieve them, it's more about creating a customized plan tailored to the individuals specific strengths and values. Susan helped me not just to reach a goal, but understanding why I want to reach it and the spirit behind reaching it. Sometimes the goals we set do not match the values we have and she has guided me to sort out what really matters and what is truly meaningful to me
- Dr. Tim Scheuerman, D.C. Chiropractor
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Experience the benefits of Coaching in your personal and professional life. Susan works with individuals, couples and groups addressing goals affecting home, work, leadership, mediation, career and life transitions. Tools Identify goals, sustain growth, enhance your relationships and communication skills with assessments, worksheets and recommended reading that will guide you to new awareness and insights. Speaking Bring the magic of coaching to life in live seminars, workshops and event presentations. Keynotes, breakout sessions from one hour to one week.



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